Moisture Residue Analysis

Lower Mositure = Greater Potency

Moisture Level Analysis

Cannabis can be stored for weeks or even years between the time it is harvested and it reaches a patient. During this time it is at risk of being contaminated by fungi, bacteria, and insects. Good cannabis processing, storage, moisture control, and drying practices are vital to keeping cannabis safe and ensuring a high quality product.

Our industry standard moisture analyzer determines and reports residual moisture levels, which is the weight of the water relative to the total weight of the sample.

Moisture residue analysis is a quick 10 minute process, and the Certificate of Analysis lists the water content of the sample.

Drying and Curing

The moisture content in freshly harvested cannabis can be greater than 70% by weight. Dried flowers will be a little crunchy when the moisture level is reduced to a passable 15 percent.

Optimal Levels

Properly cured medicinal cannabis should contain a water moisture level of between 6% and 9%, and no greater than 15%.