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Cannabinoid Trending Data

Know your strain.

Cannabinoid Trending Data

DigiPath Labs announces the introduction of cannabinoid trending data to our clients.  This additional data monitoring service will be provided at no additional charge to our clients on a rolling monthly basis to present a continually updated snapshot of trending potency profiles.  At DigiPath Labs we are shaping performance through analytics and improving our service to our clients by building our brand around data, just as top-performing companies in other industries build on their business intelligence by deploying statistical data analytics to identify advanced utility from the data they collect.  This expansion into data analytics will provide cannabis cultivators with the cannabinoid levels for any particular strain over time providing the opportunity for growers to draw insights from their accumulated cannabis testing data.  Achieving expertise in data analytics requires capability and organization.  The competition to be an effective top-performer in cannabis cultivation is real and data analytics is just one more powerful tool.


Figure 1.  Green Life Production’s Fire Alien THCA data over time.