Cannabis Consulting Services

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Consulting Services

Understanding Regulations & Compliance.

DigiPath Labs’ in-house counsel can help you navigate the ins and outs of the State of Nevada’s cannabis regulations so that you are always compliant based on your particular operation and site location.

Hiring and Training Staff.

Identifying, interviewing and negotiating with future key employees for hire is a strong point of DigiPath Labs’ consulting services within the Nevada cannabis industry.

Development of SOPs.

DigiPath Lab’s extensive experience in envisioning, writing and executing standard operating procedures is a hallmark of our diagnostic laboratory testing services that transcends into the consulting practices that we offer to our preferred clients.

Operational Logistics.

DigiPath Labs offers clients insight into the infrastructure required for a successful cannabis grow layout design and/or production operations at both the management and hands-on level to optimize output with minimizing losses due to inefficiencies or logistical oversight.


DigiPath Labs’ is able to advise clients in cultivation and integrated pest management practices that do not involve the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides with disease outbreak prevention as the number one goal within an integrated systems approach.


DigiPath Labs offers extraordinary research and development opportunities for our clients that range from development of production methods for extraction, formulation design, experimental design and execution of in vitro efficacy studies.

Patient Outreach.

DigiPath Labs has extensive marketing materials that can be provided as co-branding material whether you are engaged directly with patients or as a cannabis wholesaler to dispensaries or production facilities.