Why Choose Digipath Labs?

Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Testing


All labs are not the same just like all clients are not the same. Each client is unique and either grows cannabis their own way with their own strains; and they have unique formulations for their vape pens, gummies, brownies, drinks, etc. Digipath puts the time into each customer’s needs to ensure our testing methods meet any clients’ formulations and fully detect and quantify your potency. We also make sure your products are safe from contamination. It’s the personal touch at Digipath Labs that sets us apart from the other cannabis lab testing facilities. The best customer service for the best customers!

Digipath is so much more than a cannabis testing lab! Our first and best differentiating attribute is the combined talents and dedication of our management and staff, from the sampling technicians on the front line to our intake and processing staff, analysts and quality management. Our second differentiating attribute is our pursuit of knowledge related to the cannabis plant.  At any one moment in time, Digipath is carrying out several avenues of scientific inquiry, accumulating data, proposing concepts and publishing our findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals. In fact this level of R&D activity has lead to the formation of two subsidiaries and the filing of three provisional US patents to further pursue our findings.