Our Leadership Team

Meet the Professionals Working to Bring Safety and Reliability to Cannabis Medicine

Digipath Labs Chief Science Officer, Dr. Cindy Orser is a founding member of the WeedWeek Council

Cindy, PhD – Chief Science Officer, BOD

As Chief Science Officer of Digipath Labs, Dr. Cindy Orser is creating a replicable testing environment with validated protocols to ensure cannabis and cannabis-based products are safe. She is also developing standards and biomarkers to clearly distinguish products derived from specific cannabis strains concomitant with determining the bioavailability of the cannabinoids found in the product.

Dr. Orser draws from over 20 years of experience innovating in both academia and private industry. She holds 18 issued patents and has authored 41 peer-reviewed publications. She received her BS in Botany from Montana State University in Bozeman, and was awarded a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, in Plant Pathology and Genetics. Dr. Orser is the founder of five biotech companies including Adlyfe, Cellphire, Big Sky Biosystems, ASDx Biosystems, and iPDx Biosciences. She has consulted for the molecular and medical diagnostics industry as well as the federal government. For five years, Dr. Orser served as Corporate Senior Scientist and Head of the Biodefense/ Biotechnology Initiative at Areté Associates in Washington, DC, and she was also a tenured professor of biochemistry and bacteriology at the University of Idaho.


Todd P., CPA – CFO

Todd Peterson, CPA – Chief Financial Officer was appointed chief financial officer of DigiPath, Inc., in June, 2015. Prior to joining DigiPath, he served as president of KSNE2 Enterprises, LLC, and as senior accounting manager of Accuity Financial, both Las Vegas accounting firms that provided contract CFO and accounting services to publicly traded microcap companies. Previously, he served as the audit manager of DeJoya Griffith and Company, a PCAOB-registered audit firm that supplies audit and accounting services to publicly traded microcap companies, and for Ocel, Heimer & Associates, Ltd, a regional audit firm located in Minneapolis, MN.

Shelby – Director of Operations

Shelby has been with Digipath Labs since it’s inception. A commitment to doing anything she can to help growers and producers bring safe, legal cannabis to the market has driven Shelby Stanley’s career with Digipath Labs. Shelby ushers clients through the testing and reporting processes quickly and professionally, delivering on time, every time. Shelby helped with the passage of Question 2, the 2016 initiative that legalized recreational cannabis in Nevada, and she is also an active member of the NCIA, Women Grow Nevada, Weed for Warriors, and Millennials in MJ. Shelby leads the way in customer acquisition and retention as well as marketing, customer service and anything else we need at Digipath.


Rene – Associate Lab Director | Pesticide Specialist

Rene, our Associate Lab Director, is an experienced and accomplished analytical chemist with an extensive background in pesticide analysis under stringent European guidelines. Rene has profound technical experience in the field of environmental and agriculture testing as well as method development. His last position as the general lab manager for an ISO 17025 environmental testing laboratory located in Frankfurt Germany specialized in pesticides, gives him the ability to hold the high standards of Digipath Labs.


Juana – Analytical Chemist

Juana obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from Nevada State College in Henderson, Nevada, where she graduated with magna cum laude honors and received Regents’ Scholar Award. Before becoming part of Digipath Labs, Juana was doing research for almost three years at Nevada State College and a few months at University of Kansas where she was involved in several chemistry projects with biological applications. Juana has become our heavy metal specialist at Digipath Labs and is a great teammate in the lab.


Aaron – Nuclear Microbiologist | Micro Manager

Aaron is Digipath Labs’ Microbiology manager. After studying Biochemistry at the University of Rochester, Aaron developed a specialty in genetic technologies like qPCR, microarrays, and DNA sequencing. His work at the University of Chicago, Tufts University, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has been published in several major scientific journals including Nature. Along with genetic methods, Digipath uses complimentary microbial culture methods to ensure public safety from microbial contamination. And Aaron is also interested in using similar genetic tools to explore variation in the cannabis plant and other unknown facets of the human-cannabis relationship.


Brittni – Microbiologist

As a microbiologist at Digipath Labs, Britni works as the lead technician running results on qPCR. Britni is dedicated to making sure all samples are tested accurately and enjoys what she does. Britni has a background in Biotechnology and enjoys spending time with her kids. A member of the micro team Brittni has proven to be a great asset.


Alexis – Microbiologist

Alexis received her Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. During that time, she was involved in a microbial pathology lab and spent a year working in a cardiac catheter lab for the Children’s Heart Center. She was later appointed as the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs for the Consolidated Students of UNLV (CSUN), which allowed her to express the importance of research while providing students the necessary tools to become involved in labs around campus. Animals have a big place in her heart, as the proud mother of three dogs and a Syrian hamster. She hopes that the knowledge she gains in this industry can be of use in the future of veterinary medicine. Another member of the micro team who has specialized in Mycotoxins at Digipath.


Kevin – Microbiologist

As a member of Digipath Lab’s microbiology team, Kevin obtained his Bachelor of Science from University of Nevada, Reno. Kevin has worked for several laboratories and his experience as a biochemist led him to us, where his analysis skills to observe microbial growth on cannabis are put to the test. He lives a healthy lifestyle while maintaining an optimistic personality, which will play an important role in our success. Kevin is on the micro team who also uses his analytical chemistry skills around the lab.


Charlie, MBA – Quality Assurance Director

Charlie brings to the Digipath family nearly 20 years of quality management experience, from working first as a formulation chemist in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry and then as a quality manager for an emergency department in a large hospital system in the Washington, D.C. area. Academically, Charlie is quite accomplished with degrees in biology and chemistry and an MBA from Stony Brook University. Charlie has taken control of our ISO certification and in maintaining the highest standards for Digipath Labs.


Haley – Operations | Quality Assurance

As a key member to the Operations and Quality Management team Haley draws on her 15 years of Pharmaceutical Advertising and Sales experience to Digipath Labs. A former real estate professional from New York, Haley received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. Her passion for cannabis research along with her organizational and business skills made her a perfect fit for the Digipath team.


Steve, MS – Processing Manager | Statistician

Steve is highly enthusiastic about cannabis and he works hard to deliver the most accurate results for every sample.  Starting out as a math teacher, Steve went on to receive his Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics.  His ability to organize and visualize data has brought another dimension to our testing repertoire.  Steve is also passionate about using chemical data rather than strain name to better predict user experience for cannabis products. Steve also handles trending data for clients and all of the data analytics we do.


Connor – Logistics Manager

As Product Acquisition & Logistics Manager at Digipath Labs, Connor is responsible for the logistics team and coordinating product pickup. Connor also helps with all marketing projects, events and social media. Connor is currently a student at The University of Nevada Las Vegas seeking a journalism degree. Connor is the one that shows up at your place to obtain your samples.

Rich – Logistics | Graphic Design

Rich is Digipath Lab’s Logistic Specialist and in house graphic designer/videographer/photographer. Rich is also responsible for product pickup and coordinates Social Media together with Connor. With a background in Emergency Medicine (EMT-B), Rich goes to CSN for a non-seeking degree for Design. Rich is the other one that shows up at your place to obtain your samples.


Tony – Intake Specialist

Tony is the person you call, any time for anything necessary to get the job done. The attention to detail he has developed as a professional poker player has translated to contributions to lab accuracy as well as developing the most efficient means to getting samples in the system and test results delivered on time. Tony’s commitment is to making life in the lab stress free with his organization, efficient practices, hard work, and good vibes.


James – Accountant

James is new to the Las Vegas area and the newest member of the Digipath team.  He is currently working as a Senior Accountant handling bookkeeping, collections and general accounting functions.  He earned a Bachelor’s degree from California State University in Business Administration and has called Denver, Chicago and Los Angeles home.  Most recently James has worked in Commercial Real Estate and he is excited to be a part of this new and exciting cannabis industry.