Check In

Call Us at (702) 209-2429 to Arrange Submission of Your Samples

Free Clark County Pickup

For your convenience, we offer free pickup services in Clark County, often the same day. Call us at  (702) 209-2429 to discuss options. We require a 12-gram sample per 5-pound lot of cannabis flowers to conduct  the complete set of quality assurance testing.

Weigh In and Photograph

At check-in, we photograph and log the weight or size of your sample.

Sample Storage

If desired, we will store any left over cannabis from your samples for one year after the test date. Alternatively, we either destroy or return any unused product to you.

Preparing your sample for testing

When preparing your sample for analysis, be gentle! Improper storage, handling, and packaging of your cannabis can adversely affect its potency test results.

Also, be sure to keep your sample and environment clean. Avoid touching plants with your bare hands, and always wash your tools, trimming equipment, and gloves before moving from one plant to the next.