Cannabis Testing Services

What Digipath Labs Can Do For You

DigiPath Labs offers you a path to affordable, certified, and fast product results. When patients see the DigiPath Labs certification, they can trust that what is listed on our label is what is inside the package.

Our cannabis products safety tests assure patients will not be exposed to dangerous levels of biological and chemical toxins. Our potency profiles help patients, doctors, and caregivers use your products to target specific medical conditions. Visual and moisture checks validate the quality of your cannabis product.

Our portfolio of product testing services includes:

  • Check in, weigh, and photograph
  • Foreign matter inspection
  • Moisture residue analysis
  • Potency analysis
  • Microbial screening
  • Mycotoxin screening

Testing requirements vary by product. Find out which tests you need.

Rules of Thumb

We know that growers invest a great deal of time, energy, money, and even their hearts into growing cannabis. While the responsibility for providing safe cannabis medicine belongs to growers and dispensaries, we work as a partner to avoid setbacks and assure the best results. In addition to providing basic information about each test performed, we also offer crucial guidance gleaned from expert growers. We hope this information helps you provide the best product possible.