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One World Pharma is Digipath Labs First Commercial Client in Colombia

One World Pharma is Digipath Labs First Commercial Client in Colombia

Digipath Inc. has been working diligently on its efforts to expand its facilities for cannabis lab testing internationally into Colombia. The perfect climate for growing cannabis in Colombia is likely to result in the South American country being a leader in cannabis exports globally. Digipath Labs is excited about taking its best practices in accurate cannabis lab testing techniques developed from being the primary Las Vegas cannabis lab testing company down to Colombia. We are proud to announce our very first commercial customer in Colombia, One World Pharma.

(LAS VEGAS, NV, May 1, 2019 ) – Digipath, Inc. (OTCQB:DIGP), a service-oriented independent testing laboratory, data and media firm focused on the developing cannabis and hemp markets, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement, to provide pharmaceutical grade analysis and testing services to One World Pharma (OTC Pink OWPC), a Colombian cannabis producer, using compliant lab equipment and processes under ISO:17025 or similar guidelines that will meet all necessary Colombian and international standards. The agreement gives Digipath its first commercial customer in Colombia.

One World Pharma is licensed to produce and manufacture raw cannabis and hemp plant ingredients for both medical and industrial uses in Colombia with significant approvals and Colombian relationships in place, including permission to cultivate 13 different THC strains. Under the agreement, once Digipath establishes its testing laboratory in Colombia through its newly formed Colombian subsidiary, Digipath Labs SAS will be the exclusive testing lab for One World Pharma’s cannabis and hemp products. Digipath intends to expand its service offerings in Colombia for One World Pharma to include soil and water testing, genetic testing, field testing, in-process and post-harvest quality assurance.

“We could not be more pleased to launch our commercial efforts in Colombia with One World Pharma,” stated Todd Denkin, CEO, Digipath. “We are working with a company we expect to soon be one of the leaders in the international export of clean and safe cannabis. This is a tremendous new opportunity for Digipath as we continue our efforts to become the preeminent brand in cannabis testing and quality control.”

“Digipath is a proven and innovative leader in the field of cannabis analysis and diagnostics and a perfect scientific collaborator as we begin to rapidly scale operations in Colombia,” stated Brian Moore, Chief Operating Officer, One World Pharma. “We are intent on ethically growing the finest cannabis crops and manufacturing the highest quality cannabis ingredients for export and integrating Digipath at nearly every phase is essential.”

With this expansion into Colombia, Digipath Labs is achieving one of its primary goals in expanding its operations internationally. We fully expect that cannabis lab testing in Colombia will provide us the opportunity to gather even more and original data from the samples we test. Our replicable cannabis lab testing facilities are designed to go anywhere in the world and new employees can be trained to execute sample testing with our oversight.

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