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On the Occasion of Thanksgiving

On the Occasion of Thanksgiving
IGive Thanks am certainly thankful on this Thanksgiving Day 2017 for both personal and cannabis centric reasons. First for the cannabis centric reasons for thanks. The cannabis industry has enjoyed an extended period of expansion around the US and the world without undue and unnecessary governmental interference for which I give thanks.
Here in Las Vegas we witnessed the State of Nevada pull a rabbit out of a hat with the on-time launch of the recreational cannabis program on July 1st under the guidance of the Department of Taxation. Standing up recreational cannabis in Las Vegas has helped to spread the wondrous bounty of the cannabis plant back to the populace where it had previously coexisted peacefully for thousands of years. I am hopeful that the progress in cannabis availability witnessed in 2017 will be duplicated in 2018 and level heads will prevail in Congress and the White House and allow States-rights to prevail over antiquated notions and laws. The expansion of state-mandated cannabis programs points to the acute need for education about cannabis. As the expanding network of cannabis advocacy groups and individuals grow across the US, we can provide the much- needed education to those new to and in need of cannabis.
At a more personal level, as the Chief Science Officer at Digipath Labs, I give thanks for what has been a very successful and bright year for our flagship cannabis testing lab in Las Vegas. Digipath Labs brings safe cannabis and cannabis products to the market with documented potency and quality with a level of professionalism and customer service above and beyond all others. I am thankful for all of our loyal clients and those who are new to Digipath Labs and wish them all a prosperous next year ahead as we launch into testing under recreational regulations together. I am thankful for my academic freedom at Digipath Labs to follow my insights into the vast biology unique to the cannabis plant. Mostly though, I am thankful for our amazing staff who do such an exceptional job day-in and day-out with increasing workload both individually and as the well-oiled team they have become with guaranteed 2 day turnaround or else!

I greatly look forward to Digipath Labs’ next year in cannabis testing as we expand into California. Somehow, I think the time is going to fly by and I can hardly wait to report back on my giving thanks for 2018!


Written By Cindy Orser, PhD, Chief Science Officer of Digipath Labs

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