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Nevada Staying Ahead of the Curve on Marijuana Consumer Safety

Nevada Staying Ahead of the Curve on Marijuana Consumer Safety

marijuana consumer safety, Nevada cannabis lab testing, ISO 17250 certificationDigipath Labs is a proud contributor to marijuana consumer safety here in Nevada. We stay current on any new cannabis regulations in the pipeline and try to stay one step ahead by attaining certifications such as ISO/EIC 17025 to ensure that cannabis consumers and regulators know the steps we take to provide the most accurate testing results. Nevada has also gone above and beyond to provide Las Vegas marijuana consumers, and other regions involved in the sale of cannabis, the safest and highest quality standards for marijuana products of all sort.

Nevada mandates that childproof opaque packaging is used on all cannabis edibles sold in the state. Marijuana consumers also need to see clearly the potency of the cannabis they purchase and the THC to CBD ratios. All marijuana must be free of pesticides and any sort of toxic metals. In order to stay current with cannabis consumer safety, Nevada has worked closely with Colorado to understand their data, considering they began selling adult-use marijuana since 2014 and have had the opportunity to collect more data on cannabis consumption than the state of Nevada.

las vegas marijuana dispensary, marijuana consumer safety, cannabis edibles in Las VegasNevada’s regulatory framework has been commended for its strict and thoughtful approaches to marijuana regulation. One area of regulation where Nevada excels is the rigorous testing of products to ensure consumer safety. Any marijuana or marijuana product for sale must be tested and the lab results must be provided upon request. Any medical patient or customer may request the lab results for a product, review its contents, and verify that it passed quality assurance testing.

Cannabis must pass quality assurance tests that detect the following: Potency, foreign matter, mycotoxin, heavy metal, pesticides, herbicides, yeast and mold, total enterobacteriaceae, aspergillus, homogeneity, and shelf-life (for a complete list visit marijuana.nv.gov).

Driving under the Influence of marijuana, similar to driving under the influence of alcohol, is prohibited and is punishable by a misdemeanor, fine, and up to 6 months in jail for the first offense. A third offense is punishable by a felony and a minimum of 1 (one) year in prison. The Initiative to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, which is the law that legalized sales of adult use marijuana, further states that consumption of marijuana in a moving vehicle is also prohibited and punishable by a misdemeanor.

Nevada’s regulations contain extensive requirements relating to security in order to protect employees, the public, and businesses. Most businesses go above and beyond the requirements set forth in law, but for a peek at some of the extensive requirements visit marijuana.nv.gov or nvdispense.com.

We look forward to continuing to ensure the safety of Nevada cannabis consumers going into 2019 and learning more about how to best facilitate the evolution of the cannabis industry here. The legalization of cannabis will continue to provide both medical and economic benefits to the people of Nevada but only if we maintain the highest of standards for cannabis products. The new year brings yet another opportunity for Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries to show the rest of the country that Las Vegas is a great place to come and experience the best legal cannabis has to offer.

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