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MoneyTV Interview: The Evolution of Cannabis Lab Testing

MoneyTV Interview: The Evolution of Cannabis Lab Testing

Todd Denkin appeared once again on MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon to talk about cannabis lab testing in Nevada and how Digipath Inc. got started. Digipath has evolved over time to additionally become a cannatech and a cannadata company as well. The provisional terpene pesticide technology patent Digipath Inc. has applied for has the potential to reach far beyond the cannabis industry and into other traditional cash crops here in the United States and abroad. People are generally unaware of how large a role terpenes play in aromatherapy, the effects of cannabis and its other applications.

“Thank you very much Don happy to be here.”

“Well, so much is happening for you guys. Would you mind giving our audience a little refresher about Digipath?”

“As you know we started as a cannabis testing lab in Las Vegas. About four years ago we applied for our license here. Over that span we have built a high end and very high tech cannabis and hemp testing laboratory in Nevada. We have built an ISO certified system here in Las Vegas and now our plan is to duplicate what we have done all over the country and even worldwide.

“We are evolving though,” Todd Denkin continued. “So, you are catching us right in the middle of our journey. We are evolving into a cannatech and a cannadata company. We believe these are really great verticals to be in because our business model is right at the intersection of cannabis, technology and data. Over these past four years we’ve discovered and amplified these derivative businesses that we hope to establish as significant revenue producing operations.

“If you look at our news feed you will see our business momentum is really starting to explode. We have patents coming out, we have partnerships, we have penetration into new states and even down into Colombia. We are going to hit all of these places with Digipath 2.0 I like to call it, a diversified cannatech and cannadata company.”

“Another big patent related press release, this one regarding pesticides.” Donald Baillergeon commented. “Tell us about that.”

“Well terpenes have become very exciting for us. For those that don’t know, a terpene is a chemical made in most every plant. Even the human body produces terpenes. They are very significant in cannabis as well and it’s the chemical that gives the cannabis its smell and its taste. They play a critical role in the way other chemicals function. I’m sure you have heard of the entourage effect that you get from cannabis.

“Terpenes also have very potent standalone powers as well and from our observations and analysis of terpene chemical profiles, over tens of thousands of individual flower samples right here in Las Vegas, we came up with a method of arriving at terpene combinations that can be formulated and applied to crops to prevent any kind of microbial contamination.

“This contamination could be happening in a cultivators room. When somebody fails a crop it’s detrimental to their business model. Anything they can do to not fail any tests is certainly a big plus for the cultivator. By the way microbial contamination is the most common way cultivators fail their tests. This could be something really cool.”

“So, the terpene tech can be used for more than just cannabis?” Donald Baillargeon asked.

“Absolutely, we completely believe that are terpene technology can be utilized well beyond cannabis in a wide variety of agricultural applications. By the way, this is a huge marketplace. The pesticide industry is a 90 billion dollar industry. We know that cannabis and cannabis pesticides are a very small part of that industry but even a very small portion of 90 billion dollars can be very significant. Certainly good for us and good for our shareholders.”

Todd Denkin and Digipth Inc. are interested in spreading awareness about their work and helping the scientific community better understand the cannabis plant. Marijuana lab testing in Las Vegas has provided an incredible opportunity to collect all sorts of cannabis data including information about terpenes and cannabinoids.

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