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MoneyTV Interview About Digipath Labs Top 10 Global Cannabis Lab Testing Ranking

MoneyTV Interview About Digipath Labs Top 10 Global Cannabis Lab Testing Ranking

After Insight Partners placed Digipath Inc. in the top 10 global cannabis lab testing list, both Chief Science Officer Dr. Cindy Orser and CEO Todd Denkin joined the host of MoneyTV.net, Donald Baillergeon, to discuss the distinguished ranking. Cannabis lab testing in Nevada has provided an incredible opportunity for Digipath Labs to sample all sorts of cannabis including hemp, pure CBD products and terpenes.

“My first guests this week are two of the executives with Digipath Incorporated. DIGP is their stock symbol. With CEO Todd Denkin, Todd welcome back to the program.”

“Thanks Don.”

“And Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Cindy Orser,” Donald continued. “Cindy always a pleasure to see you.”

“Thank you.”

Donald asks, “Now you folks have been recently named as one of the top ten cannabis testing labs internationally. That is quite the achievement Todd, tell us a little more about that.”

“Well, we are very very proud to be named as one of the top leading market players by the independent research firm Insight Partners. We are really quite pleased about it and a little surprised to be honest with you. Most of the other ten are luminaries in the industry and some are even multi-billion dollar companies. So, to be grouped in with this group was quite exciting. Nonetheless, it is warranted. I would argue that we really have the best methodology in the business, certainly the best science and the best scientist in the industry with Dr. Orser right here. We really have one of the most competitive and regulated places in Nevada and we are proven in this marketplace. More good news is that we are highly scalable and we worked for years to earn our place in this growing competitive field and are really proud to have accomplished this goal of becoming a leading brand.”

Donald continued, “Having that distinction has to speak volumes and encourage you about what you folks are doing moving forward.”

“Absolutely,” Todd Denkin said. “It is a good shingle to hang on our wall and I think of it really just as a start just to explode not all over the United States but internationally as well.”

Donald then asked, “We spoke briefly in a previous episode about the launch of GroSciences. Is this where your IP will be and are there more things in the works?”

Dr. Orser then chimed in, “Yes, indeed, through our years of testing all these samples and because of our great luck that the state of Nevada actually had us collecting terpene data, we feel like we have been ahead of the curve. I gave a talk a couple of years ago talking about terpenes being the next frontier and I can tell you that in fact has happened and that is why we formed GroSciences and have secured some of our primary ideas into a provisional patents.”

Donald then stated, “Many people are unaware that cannabis has to be tested, much like an OTC drug.”

Todd Denkin added, “That’s right, that is one of the great things about what we do here is that we do all of this testing both for safety and for potency testing. As we make sure everything is safe before it goes to the market we are going to collect all of the data. Collecting and analyzing all of this data has led us to GroSciences.”

“We saw your press release recently regarding patents for cannabis terpenes in beer and other adult beverages.” Donald said. “Does this potentially put Digipath in a massive new market?”

“Yes,” Dr Orser answered. “We see our growth through our subsidiary GroSciences as overshadowing the actual testing lab business at some point in the future. Because of the vast applications of terpenes into all types of products, both to use to control pathogens on the plant itself, to augment other terpene profiles in the plant and to also create new functional beverages including in beer.”

Mr Baillergeon then asked, “Well it is amazing when we see the various applications being used in cannabis, CBD and terpenes. You are on the cusp of something that is potentially going to be huge. What does it feel like to be at the ground level of this kind of industry that is growing so fast?”

Dr. Orser answered, “It is certainly a lot of motivation to move quickly because as we have seen in this industry, no matter what the hot topic is of the day, it just starts to explode and there will be lots and lots of people at our heels. So, we feel like we are ahead of the curve as everyone is coming to realize that terpenes play as dominant of a role as the cannabinoids in imparting the uniqueness of a particular cannabis strains with their own physiological effect on humans.”

“Of course, you have already been named one of the top ten cannabis companies, so you are on the right track.”

“That is for sure,” answered Todd Denkin. “We feel like because of our experience we have been in the Nevada market for the last four years. We are expanding throughout the country and internationally. It is good to be at the beginning of something and really pioneering this whole industry.”

“You mentioned internationally,” said Donald Baillergeon. “I know we have talked about Colombia in the past. How is that coming along?”

It is coming along great,” said Mr. Denkin. “Thanks for asking. We are moving forward. We are zeroing in on a location in Bogota and starting to form the team down there. It’s very exciting to be able to say that now we are an international company.”

“What would you say are you remaining benchmarks for the remainder of 2019 that you would like to achieve?”

“Todd Denkin finished the interview by responding, “We want to get GroSciences up and rolling as soon as possible and start licensing out some of our formulations. We want to get that into the industry. Our goal is to open up in Bogota like we said and we are also looking to expand into the California market in 2019 and also up in Oregon. We are very excited about it.”

“Digipath Incorporated, DIGP is there stock symbol. Folks, it is an exciting update, congratulations on the distinction you have earned. Thanks so much for joining us.”

To be listed as one of the top ten global cannabis lab testing companies in the world is an honor and we will continue to be the vanguard in cannabis product safety around the globe. Our system for cannabis lab testing in Las Vegas is predicable anywhere and we will bring our system with us wherever we expand around the country and the world.

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