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Todd Denkin Sits Down with Proactive Investors to Discuss Digipath, Inc. and its Plans for the Future

Todd Denkin Sits Down with Proactive Investors to Discuss Digipath, Inc. and its Plans for the Future

The COO and President of Digipath Labs, Todd Denkin, recently chatted with Proactive Investors to discuss the business of Digipath, Inc. and its plans for the future.

As a state-of-the-art analytical testing lab for cannabis, the chemists and microbiologists employed here test all cannabis products including marijuana flower, extracts, edibles, topicals and more. Digipath Labs represents one of only a few cannabis lab testing companies in the Las Vegas area. Nevada law mandates that all commercially sold cannabis be tested for fungus, pesticides and other toxins that may be harmful to consumers.  On top of making sure cannabis is safe for consumers, Digipath Labs also checks the potency of cannabis so that the end user knows exactly what they are buying.

Digipath Labs plans on expanding to Humboldt County, California later this year and other places around the country. With a team of professionals like CEO Joe Bianco and Chief Science Officer Dr. Cindy Orser, the company is well equipped for expansion to other states later this year and into the futures. Another wholly-owned subsidiary of DigiPath, Inc. is TNM News Corp. TNMNews.com, the website managed by TNM News Corp., is an unbiased cannabis news site with a large Facebook following and many unique visitors each month from around the country. It is focused on educating the public around the country about the real pros and cons of the marijuana industry.

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I have been writing about the cannabis space for over two years now and have had the opportunity to interview cannabis legalization advocates like the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, along with many of the founders and CEOs of some of the largest cannabis companies in the world. With a BA in journalism from the University of Massachusetts along with a minor in wildlife and fisheries conservation, I have always found it fascinating to write about plant and animal life. The work being done by Digipath Labs is uncovering secrets about the cannabis plant and it is very exciting to learn and write about this incredibly complex plant. I also spent 14 years working in the financial sector.

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