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Las Vegas Marijuana Consumers Like Cannabis Oil Vaporizers and Home Delivery

Las Vegas Marijuana Consumers Like Cannabis Oil Vaporizers and Home Delivery

The state of Nevada, other states that have legalized some form of marijuana, dispensaries, and consumers are all eyeing Las Vegas for marijuana sales’ details. Las Vegas dispensaries are pulling in more than was originally estimated and everyone assumes that Las Vegas marijuana would be a major attraction for tourists looking for one more fun element to add to their sin city experience. Not to mention the fact that Las Vegas is experienced in regulating restricted industries, so everyone is taking a peek to get invaluable data on how to properly target their converting customers and optimize sales but at the same time not violating any laws or state mandated rules.

Las Vegas dispensaries, vaping cannabis oil, dispensary las vegas stripSo far what Las Vegas has determined is that marijuana flower is still king, but there are two trends people should be keeping an eye on. Marijuana concentrates and vaping alternatives have been on the rise. Some of that may have to do with the tourists having no place to really go and legally consume marijuana, so being as inconspicuous as possible is important. Vaping or edibles are the most inconspicuous ways to consume cannabis so it makes sense that there has been a strong trend towards those sorts of products. The other piece of significant data is in the rise in popularity of home delivery. The early enthusiasm and novelty of walking into Las Vegas dispensaries may have worn off some for many local residents and now they seem to be comfortable with having cannabis delivered to their home. The CEO and Co-Founder of Oasis Cannabis, one of the Las Vegas dispensaries shared some of what his company has seen.

“Since Nevada approved the launch of legal adult use less than 8 months ago, our team has fulfilled close to 90,000 orders and expects to process order 100,000 in March,” stated Ben Sillitoe, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Oasis Cannabis. “The largest portion of our sales is in premium cannabis flower products, but we are seeing an increase in demand for oil vaporizers. Home delivery is an important part of our service offering,” Sillitoe continued. “I think that today’s consumers have come to expect that level of convenience. The convenience of being able to easily order cannabis online and have it delivered directly to your home is very attractive to many customers. We expect the delivery business will continue to grow as more consumers realize how quick, easy and safe it really is to get cannabis brought to their front doors.”

Las Vegas marijuana home delivery, dispensary las vegas strip, Las Vegas marijuana15% of Oasis Cannabis daily sales are coming from home delivery and it is expected that deliveries will increase. Many states that have marijuana programs do not allow home delivery and Nevada nearly disallowed it. However, as other states see the success rate of home delivery and also see that it is not causing any trouble for the state, they may decide to permit delivery. Vaping is likely to continue on its uptrend as well, not just for how inconsipicuous it is, but also because of convenience and how easy it is to use. Do you believe that marijuana flower will remain the most purchased product at Las Vegas dispensaries?

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