Las Vegas Dispensary Nearly Set To Open Its Door

Euphoria Wellness will be the first MMJ dispensary in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Dispensary Nearly Set To Open Its Door

Las Vegas Dispensary Nearly Set To Open Its Door

Nevada’s marijuana industry is beginning to boom. Labs and dispensaries are starting to receive certification to finally open their doors. It appears Euphoria Wellness will be the first dispensary to do just that.

Fox reports:

Nevada’s first medical marijuana establishment has received the green light from the state to begin cultivating plants.

Euphoria Wellness, located on South Jones Boulevard near West Robindale Road, is nearly set to open its doors to patients.

FOX5 was granted a tour of the facility on Tuesday, and it is constructed like a fortress. Metal barricades are in place at the entrance of the dispensary to keep vehicles from being rammed through. There are security cameras located inside and outside of the building. Windows are barred.

The business was previously known as Euphoria Spa and Salon. Managing Director Darlene Purdy said just one thing remains before patients can be served.

“Once a laboratory opens up, then we can get our product tested through a lab, and we’re able to open up,” Purdy said.

Before that can happen, an advisory committee will inspect levels of pesticides and metals in the product. Then Euphoria Spa can stock what it calls its Bud Bar.

“The product will be inside. They can smell the product and look at the product by magnification,” Purdy said.

Customer service agents will be on hand to assist patients with picking strains of marijuana, providing information about THC and CBD levels.

The dispensary will also sell vaporizers, glass pipes and marijuana crushers.

“The agent will then walk them up to the desk, and at the point of sale we’ll have separate agents working behind the desk at point of sale,” Purdy said.

Euphoria Wellness’ products will be locked in cabinets until sold. After business hours, they will be stored in a key-coded vault.

The dispensary has also received approval to build a cultivation center and production facility. Those are being constructed at a separate site.
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