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The selection of Agilent analytical instrumentation at DigiPath Labs for cannabis sample analyses was designed for the greatest sample throughput capacity possible.  Agilent offers the highest sample capacity by combining 100 unit auto sampler vial cassettes with the fastest injection cycles that together create a new balance of utility for the highest throughput for sample analysis applications.  These capabilities are shared by Agilent’s UPLC, LC-QQQ, ICP-MS and GC-MS.  The Agilent UPLC has a capacity for up to 8 auto sampler vial cassettes.  The high power range and small delay volume of the Agilent UPLC allow extremely fast run times where the total run time is determined by the duration of the injection cycle and not the separation itself.  With the addition of a second injection needle on Agilent instruments, the cycle time becomes even faster and virtually eliminates wait times of conventional injectors and without loss of the highest data quality by using a multi-wash feature to flush and back flush the needle seat to eliminate carryover.  

Microbial screening of cannabis samples is simplified through the use of genomic marker amplification using Medicinal Genomics qPCR-based kits (Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction) specifically designed and validated to meet the Nevada regulation requirements.  Genomic screens are carried out in 96-well plates and the entire process is scalable with robotics.

Currently DigiPath Labs has the capability of processing 100-plus samples per day with a full Certificate of Analysis reporting in only 48 hours or less to both client and State.

This best in class equipment combined with our proprietary SOPs, make Digipath Labs the only real solution when getting your cannabis products tested for safety and potency.


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