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Dr. Cindy Orser Speaks at MJ Biz Science Symposium

Dr. Cindy Orser Speaks at MJ Biz Science Symposium

Dr. Cindy Orser, Chief Science Officer of Digipath Labs in Las Vegas, NV speaks at the MJ Biz Science Symposium.

The Science Symposium is designed as a primer for cannabis entrepreneurs who are seeking greater familiarity with the plant and its applications that will lead to the development of best practices for producing consumer-friendly marijuana products.

This full-day program will address topics ranging from research to final-product testing and includes a networking luncheon and question-and-answer session with industry experts.

Science Symposium

To learn more about Dr. Cindy Orser visit: https://digipathlabs.com/our-leadership-team/

Digipath Labs Cannabis Testing Company in Las Vegas, NV offers Clark County marijuana safety and cannabis potency testing for cultivators and producers of marijuana products.

Digipath Labs is a state of the art cannabis testing facility screening all cannabis products for quality & safety including:

· Cannabinoids
· Terpenes
· Residual solvents (for non-CO2 extracts)
· Pesticides
· Heavy metals
· Mold and yeast
· Biological toxins
· Microbial contaminants
· Gram-negative bacteria
· Homogeneity
· Water Activity
· Sexing
· Genotyping
· Product Development

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