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Digipath Launches GroSciences, Bringing The Cannabis Industry The “Science to Succeed”

Digipath Launches GroSciences, Bringing The Cannabis Industry The “Science to Succeed”

nevada cannabis testing company digipath launches grosciencesAfter years of providing the Las Vegas marijuana industry with the highest standard of cannabis lab testing, Digipath is taking the next business step in the science of cannabis. The launch of GroSciences, a Colorado based subsidiary of Digipath, means that the rest of the cannabis industry can now take advantage of what Digipath has learned about the marijuana plant after collecting all sorts of data on this incredible plant. GroSciences offers the “science to succeed” the cannabis industry needs to take the next logical steps.

Digipath Labs has tested marijuana edibles, tinctures, drinks, concentrates, flower and more from Las Vegas marijuana companies for years, and collected data on each and every sample. Due to prohibition, scientists have not had the opportunity to study the marijuana plant the way they have had the ability to study other plants, giving this data an incredible value. As the marijuana industry continues to develop, products will evolve so that consumers can have a wide variety of products to choose from. The progression of the cannabis industry is dependent on what people learn about marijuana.

“New ideas abound in the exploding cannabis market. Inventors and product strategists are creating cannabis-inspired product offerings in personal care, cosmetics, OTC and the horticultural market using this amazing plant,” stated Todd Denkin, President and CEO, Digipath, Inc. “Unfortunately, many of these great ideas lack the fundamental understanding and science to deliver formulations that can sustain itself in an increasingly competitive market.”

Dr. Cindy Orser, Chief Science Officer of Digipath, Inc. added, “GroSciences will provide private-label producers with the formulations and recipes to pursue real-world success. Our formulations are science-backed creations derived from years of testing cannabis and cannabis-based products at one of the most respected labs in the world. GroSciences will provide a new approach to product development and human wellness with new cannabis-based opportunities.”

Marijuana is a complex plant possessing more cannabinoids than any other plant. These cannabinoids work in conjunction with one other to create the effects people are still trying to entirely understand. The terpenoid profile of cannabis is also an essential part of the plant affecting consumers. Businesses need to understand both of these elements and more in order to make further progress within the cannabis space. Access to this data is what can take the industry to another level.

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