DigiPath Labs CSO Dr. Cindy Orser to Speak at the Emerald Scientific Conference in Las Vegas

Dr. Cindy Orser, the Chief Science Officer of DigiPath Labs, a subsidiary of DigiPath, Inc. (DIGP) will be a featured speaker at the Emerald Conference in Las Vegas on Thursday, January 21. Dr. Orser’s talk, entitled “Ensuring Patient Safety & Establishing Standardization in Cannabis Testing,” is scheduled for 1:30 p.m.

Dr. Orser will cover the evolution of quality assurance testing in the State of Nevada as compared to the rest of the country and the need for standardization of cannabis testing for both recreational and medical cannabis across the United States. Dr. Orser will also unveil DigiPath Labs’ plans to partner with a leading organization in linking cannabis chemotypes with genotyping of cannabis strains.

The Emerald Conference is devoted to the exploration and discussion of the science of cannabis including analytical testing, R&D, clinical applications, inter-lab comparison and proficiency testing, state regulations, industry standardization, and more.

“I urge everyone concerned with the future of the cannabis industry to keep their calendars open for this event,” commented Dr. Orser. “This conference will present a refreshing perspective.”

The event will be held at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino conference center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event will draw participants across a wide spectrum of disciplines, including chemists, clinicians, policy makers, cultivators, and dispensary owners. The Emerald Conference aims to share the latest in research and technologies in the cannabis industry in a collegial atmosphere. Tickets are available at

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