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Digipath Labs CEO Todd Denkin on MoneyTV.net Part 2

Digipath Labs CEO Todd Denkin on MoneyTV.net Part 2

Cannabis analytical testing in Nevada is incredibly important considering the tourist volume seems to increase on a monthly basis as people continue to discover the Las Vegas recreational marijuana market. When Todd Denkin appeared for his second interview on MoneyTV.net with Donald Baillergeon, the host wanted to find out some more about why cannabis lab testing in Las Vegas is essential. He also wanted to learn more about Digipath’s expansion plans and testing hemp for potency.

Transcription from Youtube

“In most of states where cannabis is legal around the country you have to have some form of testing, In our offices in Nevada, which is highly regulated, we test for potency and we test for the bad stuff too like pesticides, heavy metals and microbials to make sure everything is safe and clean for the consumer. Everything is regulated from milk to water, why shouldn’t cannabis also be tested and held to that same standard?”

Donald Baillergeon also brought up the legalization of hemp and Todd Denkin continued on that topic. “Hemp is now falling right in line with cannabis testing,” Todd Denkin said. “Currently though, you only really have to test for potency for hemp just to really prove it’s not marijuana and that it has low levels of THC, below .3%. Over time and next year in Nevada, states will go into full testing of hemp the same way cannabis is tested because there are over one hundred growers of hemp in Nevada. Thanks to the Farm Bill, this is creating huge opportunities, not just for hemp growers, but for Digipath Labs as well.”

“Now, Digipath Inc. is involved with other countries, specifically Colombia. Why don’t you fill us in on that?” Donald Baillergeon asked.

“Sure, you know how about ten years ago pot stocks first entered into the marketplace?” Todd Denkin asked rhetorically. “When cannabis stocks started appearing on the Nasdaq, well that had a huge impact on the stock market and the economy.  We see Colombia affecting the cannabis market the same way cannabis affected the stock market. Colombia is going to be a huge player and is already beginning large scale production. They passed cannabis laws back in 2015. It is government regulated and government subsidized. They are turning their middle class into cannabis production facilities.

“Because Colombia is on the equator, they have 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness everyday. 12 hours of sunlight a day happens to be exactly what a cannabis plant needs. It’s the perfect cannabis growing environment. When you have the perfect growing environment you are [eventually] going to enter into the export phase. That is what Colombia is doing along with Canada and Israel. Since Colombia is on the equator, every single day of the year it is between 72 and 82 degrees and it rains just the right amount [for growing cannabis]. In Nevada, Canada and many other places, they grow indoors because you have to. [Growing indoors] comes with the expense of power and labor which are two of the most expensive things when cultivating cannabis.

“Colombia is projected to produce 44% of the world’s cannabis products. They plan on exporting up to 81,000 pounds, over 40 tons of  marijuana products, mainly oil, to other countries. Many other countries like England and Germany have legal medical marijuana but no one can grow marijuana there so they have to import all of their stuff. We believe that being a part of a big distribution network of exporting and then importing on the other side, well both sides are going to have to be tested and that is a huge opportunity for Digipath Inc. to have and certainly for our shareholders.”

“Do you feel like you are well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity?” David Baillergeon asked.

“Absolutely, we have created a replicable system thanks to the work of our Chief Science Officer Dr. Cindy Orser and our very talented scientific staff. We are ISO 17025 2017 certified. Digipath Labs is an award winning lab that has done lots of great work in the industry. Now we are taking this ‘lab in a box’ and taking it down to Colombia. We are working directly with the Colombian government to help them set standards. We are absolutely poised to create a big footprint in Colombia and we could be the first ones, from a cannabis testing standpoint, to open in all of South America and we are opening now in Bogota.”

To end the discussion, the host of MoneyTV.net, Donald Baillergeon, wanted to explore more about what GroSciences, a new division of Digipath Inc., was all about. Years of CBD lab testing in Nevada, hemp lab testing in Nevada, medical marijuana lab testing in Nevada and recreational marijuana lab testing in Nevada has allowed Digipath Labs to accumulate a great deal of data and refine their process.

They now have the answers to many questions businesses have been asking for a long time about terpenes, marijuana strains, cannabinoids and the accurate and efficient process for testing cannabis in all of its forms for other businesses to reference. GroSciences is a business intended to provide the standard operating procedures for cannabis lab testing anywhere in the world.

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