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Digipath Labs CEO Todd Denkin on MoneyTV.net Part 1

Digipath Labs CEO Todd Denkin on MoneyTV.net Part 1

In the first of a recent series of interviews conducted by Donald Baillergeon of MoneyTV.net about Digipath Inc. and Digipath Labs, Mr. Baillergeon speaks with Digipath CEO Todd Denkin. In the interview Todd Denkin is asked about cannabis lab testing in Las Vegas, expansion plans for Digipath Labs and how canalysis laboratories work in the hemp industry.

Mr. Baillergeon then states that a lot of people do not understand that Las Vegas dispensaries offer all sorts of cannabis based products and that they all have the same cannabis testing requirements by Nevada law, similar to over-the-counter-drugs.

“That’s right,” responds Todd Denkin. “Everything we consume has to meet certain standards. Well, cannabis has to meet certain standards as well, in most states.” As a cannabis testing lab in Nevada, we have to make sure that the rigorous standards for cannabis are met. “We have been able to create a replicable system that we can now take out of Nevada and plug into any other state.”

Todd Denkin then discusses the expansion of Digipath outside of Nevada to states like California and also internationally. “We have a nice project going on in Bogota, Colombia. We are taking these stringent rules that Nevada has created… [which is] starting to be the bellwether of cannabis testing rules and regulations. And, we are talking that information down to Colombia as well to help their government start their cannabis program. We’ve been able to take something that is very difficult and replicate it so we can bring it to other places that do not have cannabis testing yet. The global markets is the next phase, I believe, in cannabis business because Colombia, Canada and Israel are growing for export, and a lot of these countries have legalized it, don’t grow it, so they have to import marijuana. Testing has to happen on both the import and the export side of the business. That’s what we are looking to accomplish.”

Todd Denkin also discusses some other Digipath news, our latest deal with Hemp Inc. builiding out lab testing for hemp. Todd Denkin discusses the 2018 Farm Bill and how it has made hemp sexy again. “All of these alfalfa farms and tobacco farmers are now turning to hemp because, thanks to the Farm Bill, hemp is suddenly legal which creates opportunity. There is available capital and there is a race to swiftly embrace what is happening in the hemp industry.”

Las Vegas marijuana lab testing is a complex profession as cannabis has become a major draw for tourists and the competition is strong. Digipath Labs has gone above and beyond to bring the best standards to the industry by acquiring ISO 17025 certification without being required to by the state. The hard work has led to the development of a replicable system that can be used in any state, country and with hemp as well. As the cannabis industry advances and we approach the very real possibility of legalization on the national level, it only makes sense to bring the best business practices in marijuana laboratory testing out there to the people of Nevada. We are happy to bring you more of our series on MoneyTV.net.

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