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Digipath Files Provisional Patent for Terpene Applications in Beer and other Beverages

Digipath Files Provisional Patent for Terpene Applications in Beer and other Beverages

Cannabis lab testing in Nevada has allowed for many new discoveries about the cannabis plant and how terpene profiles impact consumers. With the growing popularity of cannabis infused beverages, it is important that consumers can clearly understand what they are ingesting. Digipath now has the means to profile all sorts of cannabis infused beverages including beer. Please reference the below press release for the provisional patent Digipath Inc. has filed for their terpene technology.

Company Looks to Protect and Provide Terpene Technology in Rapidly Expanding Cannabis Beverage Market

LAS VEGAS, NV, March 5, 2018 ) – Digipath, Inc. (OTCQB: DIGP), a service-oriented independent testing laboratory, data and media firm focused on the developing cannabis and hemp market, is pleased to announce that it has filed a United States provisional patent application for A METHOD FOR AUGMENTING TERPENE PROFILES IN BEER AND OTHER BEVERAGES.”

Hops used in the production of beer contain terpenes, which are lost through the normal brewing process. Still, subtle undocumented effects may be left behind in the finished product.  Hops cultivators and beer producers currently have no control over the levels of the various terpenes’ impact as imparted into the beer products through the use of hops.  Just as cannabis is sold based on its THC content, hops tends to be sold based on its terpene content. This lack of control extends to the physiological effects, benefits or lack of benefits to the beer drinking consumers.  Digipath’s technology gives brewers significant control and accountability for the finished product, allowing for accurate reporting, marketing, and customer satisfaction potentially across the entire cannabis-infused beverage category.

The filing comes at a time when major beverage companies are aggressively entering the Cannabis/Beverage space following a decline in beer sales in many areas after the introduction of legalized cannabis. According to a ten-year-long joint study, results showed a 13.8 percent drop in beer sales after marijuana legalization. Additionally, data confirms that sales of alcohol were, on average, fifteen percent lower in states with legalized cannabis. The same study also showed that marijuana and alcohol have a widely overlapping consumer base. ( Click here for the full story. )

“The underlying method detailed in this provisional patent can be applied to any individual terpene or combination of terpenes and can be used to augment any type of beverage including mimicking of a specific cannabis strain terpene profile,” stated Dr. Orser.Terpenes are major components of plant derived essential oils used by humans for thousands of years, and they are abundant in unique combinations in hops. These terpenes can be used to distinguish hops cultivars from one another and many terpenes have documented physiological effects in mammals.”

We hope and expect our patents to be approved and to add this to our ever-growing portfolio of practical, monetizable cannabis technology,” added Dr. Orser.

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