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CSO Dr. Cindy Orser is a Founding Member of the WeedWeek Council

CSO Dr. Cindy Orser is a Founding Member of the WeedWeek Council
Digipath Labs Chief Science Officer, Dr. Cindy Orser is a founding member of the WeedWeek Council

Digipath Labs Chief Science Officer, Dr. Cindy Orser

Our entire team here at Digipath Labs is immersed in the cannabis industry. Not just as a part of the close knit group of Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries, cultivators and cannabis lab testing facilities, but in cannabis circles around the country as well. We are committed to helping with the advancement of our industry as a whole. Only together can the growing number of brave cannabis entrepreneurs break through to allow this industry to flourish the way we all know it can. We are happy to lend our expertise and leadership wherever we can to help accomplish our collective goals.

Recently, our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Cindy Orser, was included in a list of cannabis pioneers as a founding member of the WeedWeek Council. WeedWeek.net is a digital publisher spreading awareness about the advancement of the cannabis industry and helping individuals and cannabis companies network together. They have a smart podcast and recently added the WeedWeek Council. As of now, a newly introduced group of 30 cannabis industry professionals, including Dr. Orser, varied by expertise and geography, make up the council.

About twice a month, Dr. Orser, along with the rest of the council, receives a short survey asking their opinions on recent news involving the cannabis industry. Answers are then reviewed by the editors at WeedWeek and the insights they find are shared in a weekly newsletter issued by WeedWeek. In exchange for participating, Dr. Orser and Digipath Labs has access to the data collected by WeedWeek, and you know how much we like our data! Like so many companies in this modern technological era, we are data driven.

As the Chief Science Officer of Digipath Labs, the leading facility for marijuana lab testing in Nevada, Dr. Orser has a great deal of knowledge and many insights to impart. Las Vegas has become a top hub for cannabis enthusiasts around the country and continues to attract new companies and innovations. The considerable amount of data collected by Digipath from the over 24,000 samples we have received, has led to numerous patents, and provisional patents, on terpenes and DNA testing of industrial hemp and drug-type THC plants. The potential applications of the cannabis plant are far more extensive than most people realize.

There are reasons to expect a lot to change in the cannabis industry in the coming years and the more we all work together, the faster our objectives can be achieved. If you are interested in finding out more about the WeedWeek Council, please checkout their website WeedWeek.net. Our team here at Digipath will continue to assist in the advancement of the cannabis industry wherever we can. As we all continue to shape this industry by way of advocacy and learning, we will break through to the mysteries of the cannabis plant that has the ability to benefit so many people.

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