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Channel 8 News Explores DigiPath Labs 2

Channel 8 News Explores DigiPath Labs

Channel 8 news decided to stop by DigiPath Labs and find out what kind of tests are being run to allow cannabis to be sold in dispensaries. They were given a full tour of our lab to understand what we are testing marijuana for and why having facilities like this are so important.


Channel 8 News reports:

Medical marijuana stores are now legal in Nevada, but before a cannabis product can be sold it has to pass a series of lab tests.

Medical marijuana labs in Clark County are testing products to make sure they’re safe for patients.  DigiPath Labs received its first 19 cannabis plants on Tuesday.

Digipath Labs is inspecting the pot plants for dead bugs and mold.

“It can produce micro-toxins that can be very deadly,” said Ini Afia. Analytical Lab Manager, DigiPath Labs.

Dr. Cindy Orser says the potency in medical marijuana is also important.

“People want to know how much THC, how much CBD,” said Dr. Orser.

The visual inspection is just the first step in a series of measures designed to fight sub-par or bad medical marijuana products.

“It’s part of the safety test we do to make sure there are none of those,” Afia said.

Experts say medical marijuana samples also undergo a moisture evaluation to make sure it’s not too dry or difficult for patients to handle.

“It’s really about patient safety,” Dr. Orser said.

Lab staff also test for potentially dangerous compounds such as pesticide residues and heavy metal tolerances.

The state says it hasn’t decided what kind or what level of pesticides they will allow in medical marijuana plants.

“We’re sort of in this gray zone, but on July 1 the rules could change slightly and we may adopt a slightly less stringent pesticide residue level,” Dr. Orser.

Until then, growers say they’re hesitant to submit their plants for testing, so dispensaries could end up remaining empty.

There are several systems in place at the labs to make sure each plant meets only the highest state standards of quality.  Digipath says the process is moving slowly.


  • Bill Yankey says:

    I feel the testing should be available to the patients of the program so they can also know what they are growing and how to improve themselves!

  • Todd Denkin says:

    We agree! Unfortunately the State authorities say we can only test products from a licensed Medical Marijuana Establishment.

    Thanks for reaching out.

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