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Center for Medical Cannabis Research Studies the Effects of Cannabis on Lower Back Pain 1

Center for Medical Cannabis Research Studies the Effects of Cannabis on Lower Back Pain

California Cannabis Lab Testing, Humboldt County cannabis, testing marijuanaThe Center for Medical Cannabis Research is conducting a study on the effects of cannabis on lower back pain and are looking for people interested in participating. The study is being conducted at the University of California, San Diego. Cannabis advocates have for a long time argued for the pain killing or analgesic properties of cannabis. However, the federal government and the DEA has not seen enough rigorous research conducted as of yet to prove that cannabis can serve as a meaningful painkiller and have cannabis removed as a Schedule 1 substance. As a Schedule 1 substance the federal government deems that cannabis has no medicinal benefits and the illegal status discourages many scientists from even attempting to research the Cannabis sativa plant.

Any attempts to breakthrough the barriers of researching cannabis would be important to cannabis advocates. In this particular study being conducted by Barth Wilsey, M.D. and Thomas Marcotte, Ph.D., research is focused on testing both an FDA approved synthetic version of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, called Dronabinol and vaporized cannabis with 3.5% THC on lower back pain. The pharmaceutical versions of Dronabinol are referred to as Marinol and Syndros, and is typically prescribed as an appetite stimulant to patients with AIDS and those going through chemotherapy. The vaporized cannabis in the study will be compared to Dronabinol along with a placebo to identify which may be more effective as an analgesic.

This study will involve treating low back pain associated with nerve injury with oral delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC) or whole plant cannabis for eight weeks. Research subjects will consume either oral Δ9-THC (dronabinol), vaporized 3.5% Δ9-THC, or placebo. The major objective of the present study is to demonstrate an analgesic response to oral and/or inhaled cannabis in patients with neuropathic low back pain.

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The study looks to determine a number of important effects of consuming cannabinoids like THC, including any adverse effects. While advocates may argue that there are no negative effects to consuming cannabis, specific details of the effects of cannabis on individuals with specific condition may turn up. It is the duty of a scientist to stay objective and look for negative effects along with positive effects. Doctors must be able to weigh pain relief with any side effects.

Opioid based drugs have traditionally been used to provide pain relief to people with severe lower back pain along with other chronic pain conditions. The medical community made mistakes in the past in their understanding of the side effects of many opioid prescriptions drugs they prescribed, such as Fentanyl.  Many prescription drugs containing opioids are highly addictive and the over prescribing of these medications have contributed to the horrendous opioid epidemic the United States is currently contending with. For people facing addiction and their loved ones, along with cannabis advocates, one of their hopes is that cannabis derived medications can at least lower the need to prescribe as many highly addictive opioid based drugs.

If you have severe lower back pain and would be interested in participating in this study, please click the following link. The study is most ideal for people residing in the San Diego area.

read more at cmcr.ucsd.edu

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  • Helen Tarchenski says:

    As a low back pain patient that doesn’t take pain meds, this is such wonderful news. It’s about time! Unfortunately I live in the Midwest, Chicago area so I cannot benefit this time. My question is, can you stear me in the direction of any studies in my area. I’m always hunting the research available but never find anything. Is it not publicized or am I looking in the wrong places. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. I’m lucky to be coming to Vegas Saturday to visit a friend for 5 days. 👍👌😊 Thank you, Helen

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