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Cannabis Lab Testing Might Save You a Trip to the Emergency Room

Cannabis Lab Testing Might Save You a Trip to the Emergency Room

As a cannabis lab testing company in Las Vegas since 2014, these stories coming out about people getting sick from cannabis vaping products is disturbing to say the least. Our whole job is to help protect consumers from cannabis products that could make them sick. Contaminants like microbials and heavy metals can be very harmful and it is essential that the cannabis industry be kept to the same standards as any mainstream company’s products. Consumers should only consider third party lab test cannabis products that come with a certificate of analysis proving that they are safe to consume.

The rash of incidents across the Midwest involving people purchasing illegal bootlegged vape products that has led over 30 cases of lung disease and even deaths, is tragic to say the least. Here in Nevada, customers can easily and affordably walk into a dispensary and purchase a wide variety of cannabis products, including vape pens, that are tested by a lab as mandated by the state. It is yet another reason why having a legal and regulated cannabis market is so very important. With the trending popularity of cannabis and the new innovative products that have come up around it, mirroring the Nevada cannabis industry is the fastest and easiest way for other states to protect their consumers.

The CBD industry is now partially legal on the national level here in the United States after the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill. Hemp with less than a .3% THC content on a dry weight basis and its derivatives are supposed to be legals now. There are a number of hurdles, not the least of which being that authorities still cannot tell the difference between hemp and the drug-type cannabis. Another hurdle is that CBD products derived from hemp have yet to see rules come down from the FDA for the sale and marketing of these products. But, people see CBD advertised everywhere now and their curiosity is peaked.

The vapor that Jenkins inhaled didn’t relax him. After two puffs, he ended up in a coma.

That’s because what he was vaping didn’t have any CBD, the suddenly popular compound extracted from the cannabis plant that marketers say can treat a range of ailments without getting users high. Instead, the oil was spiked with a powerful street drug.

AP commissioned laboratory testing of the vape oil Jenkins used plus 29 other vape products sold as CBD around the country, with a focus on brands that authorities or users flagged as suspect. Ten of the 30 contained types of synthetic marijuana — drugs commonly known as K2 or spice that have no known medical benefits — while others had no CBD at all.

CBD has proven medicinal properties that, if taken without any additional contaminants, does not get the consumer high but can relieve stress, some pain and potentially seizure activity. That any producer could make a vape product with synthetics like K2 or Spice and pass it off as a CBD product is horrific. Again, if the consumers just knew to look and ask for a certificate of analysis, they could know that the product was untainted. Any company that does not use third party lab testing for their cannabis products is questionable to say the least.

Read more at CNBC.com.

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