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15 Years After Approval, 1st Legal Pot Sold In Nevada

Customers line up around the black to be one of the first to legally buy marijuana in Nevada.

15 Years After Approval, 1st Legal Pot Sold In Nevada

15 Years After Approval, 1st Legal Pot Sold In Nevada

5 Miles east of downtown Reno, a dispensary has made the state's first legal Cannabis sale, nearly 15 years after Nevadas voted to legalize it.

Roughly 75 people with MMJ cards lined up outside of Silver State Relief, hoping to be among the first to buy as much as a half-ounce of pot for $195.

Dana Metz
Retired GM Worker

It smells good in here, like a kid in a candy store!"

Barring legislative action, Nevadans will soon consider another ballot measure in 2016 aimed at legalizing recreational use of Marijuana. 

In 2000, voters approved medicinal marijuana, but the law lacked language to establish a system to sell or distribute the drug until 2013. ​Prior to the change, the only way to procure medicinal marijuana was to grow it yourself.

Tick Segerblom Senator

"The politicians just didn't have the will to do what the people wanted," said state Sen. Tick Segerblom, a major proponent of marijuana legislation. "Why the Legislature could not get behind this blows my mind."

Currently 23 states allow medical marijuana, along with Washington D.C., and Guam.

Nevada has, to date, issued 66 marijuana dispensary licenses, but it's not clear how soon Las Vegas or other parts of the state will see shops open.

Regulations include "seed-to-sale" tracking of Marijuana back to it's source, something they are hoping will curb black market marijuana from leaking into the legal market. The Department of Agriculture is also working to finalize the pesticide testing process that screens for 30-40 different chemicals. If established it would be the first system of it's kind in the nation.

A veteran with PTSD who came to the grand opening was ​quoted as saying "It gets me choked up, a little teary-eyed, and proud to be a part of this."

Todd Denkin Digipath CEO

"This is a monumental time in history as Nevada finally comes on line to serve medical marijuana patients. The first step is always the hardest and this first step should really get the whole industry moving forward."

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